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Want to Volunteer?


March 09, 2021
US Navy Volunteer Day!

Many thanks to the US Navy for allowing their sailors to volunteer with us here at SAHH!!! These individuals were an incredible amount of help and provided much needed assistance with the “heavy lifting” some of us struggle with. In exchange for their assistance, sailors earn community service hours which helps in their endeavors to advance within the USN. They came and left with great attitudes and some even inquired about volunteering on their own time!

December 26, 2020
Join Our Feeding Team!

Volunteer with us!! We have available positions now open for immediate start/training on our most popular team, The Feeding Team! Must be 18+ years of age or older for this opportunity & be able to commit to a 1-shift per week/2-month minimum requirement (most of our volunteers become family & stay a lot longer!).

December 02, 2020
When Pigs Fly!

Today is a very big day for our rescue piggy, Mary! Mary, is flying on her very own private plane to her FOREVER home thanks to these incredible humans, Pilot Julian, from Pet Rescue Pilots, a nonprofit organization that flies homeless animals to their forever homes, and Pilot Derik Heikes! Each time we rescue an animal we hope that with time, proper care and gentle hands that one day we’re able to help heal their broken-heart, rehabilitating them to healthy, and happy. So that they’re able to find an adopter to live how they always should have. Today, we made that happen for one beautiful rescued pig! We love you so much, Mary, and couldn’t be any happier for you sweet girl!

October 14, 2020
SAHH Logo T-Shirt Campaign!

SAHH Logo T-shirt and Hoodie Campaign officially launched TODAY!!! We have so many styles, color, and size options available... even for the kiddos! Every purchase helps us provide care for all of our rescued residents! Feel good ordering your favorite today because this campaign is only open for 10 days (ending October 23rd, 2020 11:59pm PST). We can't wait to see which one is your favorite!

September 29, 2020
Help Name Me

This little girl is our newest rescued pig and we want you to name her! If you haven’t entered your choice of name yet you still have time! All names must be submitted TODAY, Tuesday, September 29th by 5pm PST and we will pull a name LIVE tomorrow, Wednesday 30th @ 7pm on our Facebook & Instagram pages! Be sure to set your notifications ON so you don’t miss our LIVE Streams! *Here’s how you play!!! Each name entry is $5 donation. 1 name=$5 2 names =$10. You may enter multiple times! Please donate to: (link in bio) the amount of name entry’s you would like to enter, adding your name(s) of choice in the “note”section! All entries must be submitted by 5pm PST Tuesday, September 29, 2020! We will be pulling her name LIVE Wednesday, Sept 30th at 7 p.m. Mark your calendars! We’re SO excited!!😁

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