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Saving Animals & Healing Hearts is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of animals. Prospective owners will have to complete an Adoption Application before being approved for adoption. Contact us to learn which documents apply to the animal that interests you.


This little cutie is Peanut! She’s a lovable little piggie who is looking for her very own forever home! Peanut was one of 8 pigs (including Charlie) who found themselves in dire straights one day, red listed at the shelter. We don’t know anything about her past but her future is definitely bright. This little Nut enjoys the company of other nice pigs and is currently roomies with a big granny potbelly. They live in a secure outdoor area where Peanut likes to root, and a good mud puddle makes her happy! She’s a sucker for belly rubs, all you have to do is lightly touch her velvet underbelly and FLOP! Down she goes (no matter what’s underneath!). Little Miss Peanut has a super chill energy. Foster mom’s been working with her and even handling her feet too so she’ll be ready when a hoof trim is needed. Peanut’s a petite girl compared to her foster piglings, around 50 pounds or so but she’s not done growing yet! She would love to have other nice piggos in her forever home. She wants her future parents to know that she looooves her pig grains but thinks Brussel sprouts are super gross, and while she’ll eventually eat other fresh veggies and fruit if there’s nothing left to scrounge on, it’s really all about the grains. Peanut’s mellow vibe and curious personality will quickly snare your heart! Reach out to us today if you’d like to meet our special lil Nut!! She’s going to complete a very lucky family someday soon.

Available for Adoption
Adoption Fee: TBD


Sweet, beautiful and unique. You may notice Rosie looks a little different. That’s because Rosie was the victim of a dog attack that left her with only one partial ear on the right, no ear on the left and deep scars on her shoulders. Rosie has a big personality and a voice to match when it’s time to eat . She loves belly rubs, scratches and treats. She doesn’t care much for dogs but who could blame her. Rosie is not spayed and at her size and age it would be a risky operation.

Available for Adoption
Adoption Fee: $150


Stevie is an approximately 2 years old. He was rescued from a hoarding situation along with many others. Upon arrival he was very scared and stayed close to the girl he was housed with. Stevie has difficulties with his eyesight, mostly with peripheral vision. He would blossom in a forever home that can provide more one on one attention and TLC so he can feel safe and secure. Stevie is waiting to me you and ready for his happily ever after!

Available for Adoption
Adoption Fee: $150

Thelma & Louise

Thelma and Louise were rescued from a hoarding/neglect case in December of 2018. They are approximately 18-24 months old and are currently unspayed. They are a little shy, though they love head scratches. We are working on their manners and given their history, who can blame them for being a little nervous. They will be spayed prior to adoption or may be adopted with a spay contract. We would prefer they be adopted together as it is likely that is how they have spent their whole lives. Adoption fee: $150 each or $250 for both. Adoption fee will be waived if they are adopted on a spay contract.

Available for Adoption
Adoption Fee: $250

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