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Saving Animals & Healing Hearts has a number of permanent residents. For a variety of reasons they are unable to be adopted and remain here safe and happy. The following are just some of our current residents.

Albert Swinestein aka:OneTooth

Albert was a part of the large SouthBay24 Rescue.
Sponsor Albert Swinestein aka:OneTooth for $30/Month


Meet beautiful Aspen! She is around 16 years old and one of the most athletic horses we have ever seen! After settling in she started training, but we quickly realized she had too fractious of a mind to handle it. This beauty has amazing energy, a spitfire, and definitely thinks she is a 3 year old! We rescued Aspen over 10 years ago, and tried to adopt her out... twice. We learned she had already chosen her forever home right here, safe in sanctuary.
Sponsor Aspen for $150/Month


Barbie is our resident all the timer. In her 20s, she has Cushing’s disease and arthritis. Barbie is a retired cutting horse with a heart of gold. She has taught many young riders and volunteers how to ride. With the onset of Cushing’s disease this past year Barbie has earned her right to live comfortably and safely for the rest of her life here with us.
Sponsor Barbie for $150/Month

Bella 1

Bella was given to someone as a house warming gift. That person realized very quickly piggies aren\\\'t quite what they expected and quickly booted her to the curb and she softly landed here with us. This beautiful girl will live the rest of her life here in sanctuary. Please consider sponsoring Bella!
Sponsor Bella 1 for $30/Month



Charger is a rescue dog who will lived here on the ranch in salt Sanctuary.
Sponsor Charger for $20/Month

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