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Saving Animals & Healing Hearts has a number of permanent residents. For a variety of reasons they are unable to be adopted and remain here safe and happy. The following are just some of our current residents.



Once headed for slaughter, Nelson now lives his best life here at Saving Animal & Healing Hearts. Please remember that Yorkshire pigs, exactly like him are not so lucky as they are the ones you see on the slaughter truck, facing a horrific fait. Nelson is incredibly smart, curious, happy and silly! He wants to greet every single person and show you just how friendly and affectionate he is! Plus he loves showing off that he’s learned how to sit for treats! Our rescue would definitely not be the same without this happy boy running around and making all of us smile every single day!
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Pedro had a hard life before he came to live with us. He was rescued in poor health and was malnourished. He is much better now and enjoys his time at SAHH visiting the humans and hanging out with his friends Blondie and Harley. He is a gentle, sweet soul and we are glad he is part of our family!
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Piggy Sue

Peggy Sue found her self sad and alone at just a few weeks old. In the dark of night, someone came into the yard of her previous owner and stole her momma and all her siblings. Piggy Sue ran for her life and they couldn’t catch her. Not knowing what else to do with an underage piglet, she joined our family here at SAHH. She is one of the sweetest and mellowest piggies I’ve ever encountered... well unless you want to trim her toes... then those ninja skills come in quite handy.
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You may often find this pretty girl roaming around the ranch!
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Rio originally came from a dude ranch in Colorado that had shut down and sent all of their livestock to slaughter. A friend of a friend pulled him straight off the slaughter truck. He kept him for several years and then Rio became ill and spent six weeks in the hospital. At that time he determined that he could not give Rio what he deserved and asked if he could relinquish him to us on the condition that he remain in sanctuary for the rest of his life. Once released from the hospital Rio finished his rehabilitation here on the ranch and has been with us ever since. Rio has become a part of our family and will live here safe, loved and adored for the rest of his life.
Sponsor Rio for $150/Month

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