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Saving Animals & Healing Hearts has a number of permanent residents. For a variety of reasons they are unable to be adopted and remain here safe and happy. The following are just some of our current residents.


Sweet, beautiful and unique. You may notice Rosie looks a little different. That’s because Rosie was the victim of a dog attack that left her with only one partial ear on the right, no ear on the left and deep scars on her shoulders. Rosie has a big personality and a voice to match when it’s time to eat . She loves belly rubs, scratches and treats. She doesn’t care much for dogs but who could blame her. Rosie is not spayed and at her size and age it would be a risky operation.
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Rupert came to us in early August, 2018. At approximately 2 months old. His “family“ could not afford to neuter him or any of his medical care. So they sought a rescue to give Rupert a chance at his best life. Ruperts mom was the victim of greedy humans and under age breeding. Many breeders will impregnate a very young potbelly pig (they can get pregnant as early as three month old) they carry for for three months so at six months old Ruperts mom had a litter of piglets. As some young mothers do she could not deal with babies didn’t know what to do so she killed them. Rupert was the only survivor. At such a young age with no piggy mama Rupert had to learn how to be a pig from humans. When a piglet does not have his mama he doesn’t really know how to be a pig. They don’t always respect boundaries or no not to play with humans as if they were their own siblings. Rupert became very attached to our director. So much so that when others show him attention he tends to bite them. Rupert also became bonded with Oliver who also can never be with a herd of pigs. Oliver and Rupert will remain here in sanctuary SAHH
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Sammy (aka: Samuel T Pig when he's in trouble)… I always wanted a pig. Seems like forever. But that wasn't going to happen as long as I was in a relationship.... So in 2013 I was suddenly single and browsing the internet when I came across an ad for baby PBPs. I picked up the phone and just about dropped it again when I heard the price. (this was long before I knew of the overbreeding crisis) I explained that being suddenly single it wasn't in my budget, thanked her for her time and chalked it up to being determined to get one "some day". Well some day came about 3 weeks later when the woman called and said she had 1 all black piglet that no one wanted and she would sell him to me for $100, and he was already neutered. SOLD and off I went to go collect my little baby boy and started on this incredible journey of pig rescue. Sammy was the most adorable little guy, shy at first, but warmed up quickly. I started teaching him tricks and manners right away. He went everywhere with me and loved the car rides and all the different people he would meet. Sammy began his career in education and therapy at a very young age, visiting pre-schools and teaching children all about PBPs. They learned how to feed them, and clean up after them and they even learned about exercise and diet, AND most important of all.. that they are friends and not food and deserve our love, time and respect. It was because of Sammy I began to realize the plight of so many unwanted pigs. Zoning laws, HOA rules, Over feeding, Under feeding, behavioral issues due to uneducated owners.. the list goes on. Within the first year we had taken on several more piggies that were unwanted, or misunderstood and jumped feet first learning as much as possible reading and more than I could ever read by having first hand experience with Sammy and our rapidly growing herd. Sammy is one of the kindest, most loyal and loving animals I've ever met and I absolutely adore him as I do all of our fur babies here at Saving Animals & Healing Hearts.
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Sparky was one of three miniature horses rescued from a hoarding case. He and the other two came in skinny with long un-kept hooves, matted hair, massive worms, and lice. Once rehabilitated, it was clear that Sparky had his own tale to tell and has quickly become an incredible ambassador for the rescue. He has a huge personality that shines through his every encounter. From the beach to downtown La Jolla, Sparky proudly draws a crowd wherever he goes. Sparky remains one of the coolest ambassadors anyone could ask for.
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Stevie was rescued from a hoarding situation along with 23 others. Upon arrival he was very scared and stayed close to the girls he was housed with. Stevie has difficulties with his eyesight, mostly with peripheral vision. Because of this Stevie will live here in sanctuary loved and adored for the rest of his life.
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