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Saving Animals & Healing Hearts has a number of permanent residents. For a variety of reasons they are unable to be adopted and remain here safe and happy. The following are just some of our current residents.


He’s so handsome! Bobby (aka Mayor Bobby) is one of three turkeys we are honored to love and care for here at SAHH. Bobby was picked up by animal control just before the Thanksgiving holiday. To ensure his safety they asked us to take him and of course, how could we say no? Just look at that face! ⁣⁣Bobby loves to greet everyone that visits SAHH and if you are one of the few chosen lucky ones Bobby will even give you one of his famous turkey hugs! If you've never made friends with a turkey, prepare for Bobby to steal your heart!
Sponsor Bobby for $15/Month



Brownie came to us wild and unhandled. Although not branded, the vet believes she is a mustang. She came in with Blondie and is said to have been together with her their whole lives. After taming Brownie, she began a regular work/training schedule only to consistently go off in her left rear and hip. Over time it became apparent that given her age and background she would be best served to be a pasture pet and will be adopted as such and must go with Blondie as they are very bonded. Brownie is seeking a sponsor to help with expenses each month.
Sponsor Brownie for $150/Month



Cash is approximately 21 years old. He was raised in an unfortunate circumstance with an owner who appeared to be clueless. He was a stallion who had never seen other animals being kept in an enclosed bullpen. His health was poor, his manners were nonexistent. He had no idea how to behave like a horse. He was violent, unpredictable, and dangerous. He had retained a baby tooth in his mouth with an adult cap over it causing him intense pain every time he ate. It was due to these issues that he came to live here. After the removal of the errant tooth, his weight got better and his health, in general, showed improvement. His behavior however took work, a lot of work. While he still has his moments for the most part he is a stellar example of what a good boy can be. Cash has a ringbone which is currently maintained with medication and consistent Farrier care. Cash is a resident here for life.
Sponsor Cash for $150/Month



Charlie was rescued along with 7 other pigs that were red-listed in a high-kill shelter on borrowed time. After his rescue, (all 8 pigs were saved!) we immediately got him neutered and our vet treated him for a terrible skin infection. With lots of love and time to heal and adjust... Charlie has blossomed into the most incredible Hollywood Fashion Star Pig! Literally, this superstar walked the runway in a fancy fashion show! Charlie is smart, he's fun, and he loves to run and play in the sprinklers! From shelter to Hollywood, to Trick- Or-Treating Events at the San Diego Humane Society, Charlie is most definitely a star pig and is our leading pig ambassador in our efforts to educate our community and the public on what to really expect when deciding to add a pig to your family. Charlie is helping to bust the micro-mini pig myth and show the world that all pigs grow! And of course, he is stealing the hearts of everyone he encounters!
Sponsor Charlie for $30/Month


He's a real pauper to prince story. He was found wandering in a neighboring town and brought to the shelter. Someone adopted him but then returned him because "he didn't walk on a leash good enough" (right... Can you believe it?). Thanks to the help of some swift networking he was quickly pulled and brought to us. He was a very shy and young little guy when he arrived. We quickly got him neutered and his personality started to blossom. From shelter to a house guest, Clyde delights in belly rubs and has learned that sitting and spinning around gets him some pretty great treats!
Sponsor Clyde for $30/Month

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