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Saving Animals & Healing Hearts has a number of permanent residents. For a variety of reasons they are unable to be adopted and remain here safe and happy. The following are just some of our current residents.

Ella (mama of Jaxson)

It was a warm weekday somewhere around May 2017 when I received a phone call from a friend telling me about a miniature donkey at the auction going to be sold for slaughter. So save her I did and she arrived terrified emaciated and shaking. As soon as her feet hit the ground I said she is pregnant. We named her Ella for “Cinderella ... gone from rags to riches”!in a matter of hours. Ella was terrified, humans had failed her. It took a while to even be able to lay a hand on her without her shaking. But every morning she would get fed, and brushed, and loved, and every evening she would get fed, and brushed, and loved. It wasn’t long before she looked forward to it instead of hiding. Our vet revealed that she was indeed pregnant but given her emaciated state the prognosis of the baby was not good. Nevertheless, on Labor Day of 2017 baby Jaxson arrived, well-fed, handsome, and feisty! I knew immediately that he would join our therapy program to teach love, kindness, compassion, and care to all who met him.
Sponsor Ella (mama of Jaxson) for $150/Month


Ginger, was rescued in late May of 2021. She was living in a small crate that was covered with cardboard and was never allowed out. She never saw the sunlight or felt a warm ray on her skin. She was covered in her own urine and feces so bad that her skin was beet red from the exposure to her own waste. She was terrified of literally anything and everything. Today Ginger spends her days laying in a custom piggy pool, rooting around in the dirt in her big open pen, with volunteers that cater to all her needs! Ginger’s heart has had time to heal and she has blossomed into the fun loving and confident girl she was always meant to be! She would make an incredible piggy family member to your home!
Sponsor Ginger for $30/Month


Harley is a 20(ish) year old quarter horse that was relinquished to SAHH. He has a congenital defect on his front leg that turns out from the shoulder and leaves him lame most of the time. He’s drop-dead gorgeous and everyone wants him but due to his birth defect, he will never be 100% sound and subject to an unknown fate. He will retire here at SAHH and forever be a ranch favorite giving the best horsey hugs and cuddles! Harley would love to have a sponsor!
Sponsor Harley for $150/Month



Jaxson was born on Labor Day 2017. And still lives with his mama Ella (please read her full rescue story). Jaxson continues to make friends with everyone he meets and brings a smile to everyone’s face. He loves to cuddle and be brushed and he loves to run and play. Jaxson and Sparky are ambassadors for Saving Animals & Healing Hearts.
Sponsor Jaxson for $150/Month


Jenny and Tom (Tom sadly passed away this year) were raised by a little girl who had to give them up. They were going to be listed in the free section on Craigslist right before Thanksgiving. Of course we weren’t going to let that happen! Teri brought them here to the ranch where Jenny lives safe, happy, and loved. Jenny is a little shy since Tom passed, but don’t let that fool you - once she has a second to warm up to you, she won’t let you leave! She will, literally, follow you all the way to the gate making it so hard to stop loving on her! Jenny is looking for a sponsor at $25/month.
Sponsor Jenny for $15/Month

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