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Saving Animals & Healing Hearts is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of animals. Prospective owners will have to complete required paperwork before being approved for adoption. Contact us to learn which documents apply to the animal that interests you.


Abe is an approximately 5 month old Kune Kune pig. He was rescued from auction and had been battling severe pneumonia, but he is all better now. He has been neutered and is in the process of being adopted.

Pending Adoption
Adoption Fee: $300


Blondie is approximately 16 years old and came to us wild and unhandled. As a matter of fact she came in with Brownie! Imagine my surprise when I emerged from the hospital after emergency back surgery to find two wild mustangs in my round pen. It has been quite an adventure. Blondie had a sponsor for awhile and we were able to put some training on her in the hopes of adopting her out to a special home. What we found was Blondie is SMART and one of the most sensitive reactive horses I have ever met. She is a challenge at times, but really seeks to please. Unfortunately, her sponsorship ended before we could further training and we have not had the funds available to continue training other than what I can personally do on the ground. Attempts at adoption only brought about flippers who wanted to throw some time on her and flip her. That was not going to happen. Not on my watch. Blondie and Brownie are incredibly bonded. They have been together their whole lives so adoption as a pasture pet with Brownie is her best dream forever. I hope some day we can find that dream. Someone who wants two sweet gorgeous horses to frolic in the pasture and enjoy their beauty. Until then, Blondie is seeking a sponsor to help with expenses each month.

Available for Adoption
Adoption Fee: TBD


Brownie is approximately 16 years old and came to us wild and unhandled. Although not branded, the vet believes she is a mustang. She came in with Blondie and is said to have been together with her their whole lives. After taming Brownie, she began a regular work/training schedule only to consistently go off in her left rear and hip. Over time it became apparent that given her age and background she would be best served to be a pasture pet and will be adopted as such and must go with Blondie as they are very bonded. Brownie is seeking a sponsor to help with expenses each month.

Available for Adoption
Adoption Fee: TBD


Criss is one of the most handsome boys we have! His previous owners didn’t give him the love this teddy bear so truly deserves. We are working with him daily to help bring back this babes confidence. We can’t wait for the world to see what we get to every single day! Keep a close eye on this boy- he will melt some hearts one day soon!

Pending Clearance
Adoption Fee: $150


Lily is over a year old. She is sweet and shy. Her sweet and shy demeanor suits this beautiful girls personality well. She loves getting special treats and warms up quickly. Lily loves being outside and will flourish when she finds her very own forever home! She’s definitely one to meet!

Available for Adoption
Adoption Fee: $150

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