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Become an Animal Sponsor

In addition to donations and volunteering, there are many other ways you can help the animals at SAHH! One very important way is to become a monthly sponsor. Monthly sponsors receive regular photos and updates on the animal you choose to sponsor. You can indicate the name of the animal you want to sponsor in the comments on the PayPal checkout page. Haven't decided which animal you want to sponsor? Thats okay, we also offer packages of care that you can purchase and we will use them as needed. We are a 501(c)3 organization and your donations may be tax deductible. Our Tax ID is 82-5074461.

Feed Sponsors

Feed Sponsor Horse $150.00 Miniature Horse $75.00
Provides a month of feed for a horse or a donkey. Provides a month of feed for a miniature horse or donkey.
Feed Sponsor Alpacas $125.00 Feed Sponsors Pigs $30.00
Provides a month of feed for a pair of alpacas Provides a month of feed for a pot bellied pig.

Hoof & Tusk Trims

Horses need their feet trimmed and/or shoed every 6 weeks. Pigs need their feet trimmed as needed, but at least twice a year, and their tusks as needed. Sadly, most of our pigs are in need of hoof care immediately upon arrival.

Getting new shoes

Half Shoe for one horse:
$100.00/one time shoe
$75.00/monthly sponsor

(Enter Amount)

Trim for one horse/donkey:
$60.00/one time trim
$45.00/monthly sponsor

(Enter Amount)

Hoof/tusk trim for one pig:
$50.00/one time


Spay & Neuter Sponsors

All pigs must be spayed or neutered before they can be adopted! Want to help someone find their forever friend? Help us spay or neuter!

Spays: $425.00-$450.00
Neuters: $300.00

(Enter Amount)
Spay & Neuter Sponsor

Veterinary Care

Veterinary Care Sponsor No time is a good time to need a vet. But when emergencies arise we are so thankful to have them on our team! We cannot predict emergencies, but there are times a vet visit for routine procedures becomes necessary. If you would like to help us preplan, here are some options:

Annual Dental:
Teeth floating. $150.00 per horse/donkey


We are fortunate to have a team that can perform some routine needs that cost less to do ourselves, rather than call a vet. Still, the supplies themselves become costly.

Annual vaccinations:
$25.00-$30.00 each x12 horses/donkeys: $360.00/yr

Quarterly Worming:
$9.00 x 12 horses/donkeys 4 times a year: $432.00/yr

(Enter Amount)

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