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Saving Animals & Healing Hearts has a number of permanent residents. For a variety of reasons they are unable to be adopted and remain here safe and happy. The following are just some of our current residents.

Albert Swinestein aka:OneTooth

Albert was a part of the large SouthBay24 Rescue.
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Sweet Andie, is a Kune Kune pig. Five total kunekunes were rescued together. They battled severe pneumonia, and with the help, of our vet, antibiotics, and round-the-clock care... all five beautiful Kunes are strong and healthy! Slowly we raised funds to neuter and three have been adopted to a forever home together! Andie along with his brother Wyatt are ambassadors for their breed and a part of our educational program. They are New Zealand meat pigs and have become quite popular for their meat. We want people to see, touch, feel, and connect with them so they know exactly what is on their plate. Andie is gentle, and affectionate, and wins the heart of every volunteer he comes in contact with! He and Wyatt will live here safe, spoiled, and loved in sanctuary for the rest of their lives.
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Archie is one of 3 resident turkeys here at SAHH. When Tom, Jenny's bonded turkey companion passed away we knew that we had to find Jenny a friend to spend her days with. Archie was a single turkey living alone and when we heard he was in need of a flock we decided to try introducing Archie to Jenny! It was love at first sight! So we made it official that day and Archie joined our family. Now Archie loves to spend some of his days hanging with Bobby and others with Jenny! We're so glad he is a part of our permanent family!
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Meet beautiful Aspen! She is around 18 years old and one of the most athletic horses we have ever seen! After settling in she started training, but we quickly realized she had too fractious of a mind to handle it. This beauty has amazing energy, is a spitfire, and definitely thinks she is a 3-year-old! We rescued Aspen over 10 years ago and tried to adopt her out... twice. We learned she had already chosen her forever home right here, safe in sanctuary.
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Bella 1

Bella was given to someone as a housewarming gift. That person realized very quickly piggies aren't quite what they expected and sadly booted her to the curb. We couldn’t be happier that she softly landed here with us. This beautiful girl will live the rest of her life here in sanctuary. Please consider sponsoring Bella!
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