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August 24, 2019
Join Our Animal Care Team

Calling all animal lovers! We have volunteer opportunities available right now! If you have been wanting to join our animal care team, please fill out a volunteer application right here on our website today!

August 21, 2019
Introducing... Romeo

It’s official! Our newest rescue and only cow ever here at SAHH has been named! Thank you very much to everyone that donated and participated in this very special Name Game! All donations received will go directly to Romeo’s care. We have never rescued a calf or cow before, because we simply do not have the funding to expand. Romeo is currently receiving medical treatment and when he is ready (we will wipe away our happy tears) and find the perfect happily ever after forever “forever ever” sanctuary. If you are interested in sponsorship to help us provide the land he will need. Please call or email us! If you are a safe and experienced forever sanctuary interested in meeting sweet Romeo, please call or email us! Thank you all so very much, as always we couldn’t do this with out all of you!

August 14, 2019
Please Meet Our Newest Rescue

When you are the last chance an innocent life has for survival... you can't just say NO, his life doesn’t matter. While this boy is a little outside of our norm, he deserves to live the same as everyone else. Please join us in this fight to save his life!

August 08, 2019
Missy Earned Her Angle Wings

It is with an incredibly heavy heart, overwhelmed with sadness that I inform you that Missy passed away today at the vets office. We spoke with the vet who was quite perplexed by her symptoms but felt pretty confident that we had a plan to treat the symptoms and move forward. He gave her ulcerguard, he gave her banamine and I was to pick her up on the way home from work. He went back to check on her - and she was gone. Passed quietly - and he has no idea why. My heart hurts so much I cannot even begin to explain it. I feel so guilty for not being there.I feel so bad that she died alone, but I know she died knowing she was loved. She turned out to be one of the sweetest girls ever. When you gave her a treat she would open her mouth just as wide as it could possibly go. I used to laugh and call her my little Pyranah… but when those jaws came snapping down on that treat, they stopped, just shy of my fingers, and gently took it from my hands. So gently. She loved having her back scratched and her belly scratched and she loved it when I would run my fingers across her furrowed brow and tell her how beautiful she was. She was kind of mad at me for syringing watered down juice into her the last couple of days, but I tried to tell her it was for her own good. I hope she left this earth knowing she took a piece of my heart with her. She left too soon. She was supposed to live out her golden years right here with her friends. I love you so much Missy. Rest in peace my little pyranah, you will always hold a piece of my heart. I am so sorry you had such a shitty life, and I pray you know just how much you were loved since you arrived here in December.

July 21, 2019
Fashion Show Project

It’s official and word is finally out! Our Charlie has been in training because he my friends will be walking the runway in a charity fashion show this Sunday!!! Charlie was chosen to be a part of @petsonq “Pet Fashion Project” featuring adoptable animals (mostly dogs & cats) looking for forever homes! Per Petsonq website: “The fashion show allows adoptable dogs and cats of all sizes taking over the catwalk. Come and see these adorable animals take over the catwalk in their beach wear, casual wear, just to name a few!” Here at Saving Animals & Healing Hearts we fight extremely hard every single day to raise awareness of the overwhelming numbers of abandoned and unwanted mini pigs. We are taking this opportunity to spotlight one of our many rescued potbellied pigs, who is currently looking for his forever home - right along side of dogs and cats... because PIGS ARE family pets too!

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