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Saving Animals & Healing Hearts has many happy stories to tell. The following are just some of our animals that have found their forever home.

Lars (Laird)

It only takes one look at the transformation of this beautiful boy to be reassured of why we do what we do. Laird was being fed an unhealthy diet to keep him "mini". He was sad, sickly, and intact. We neutered him and found him a fantastic home and look at him now! Be still my heart, you hit the piggy lotto sweet boy!


Bella was an owner relinquishment. Initially purchased from a backyard breeder, she had not been handled as a piglet. The previous owner was new to pigs and in the transfer from crate to pen Bella got loose and was running around a large neighborhood for over a week. With no one she knew and in a strange place, she had no reason to trust a soul. Eventually she exhausted herself and allowed herself to be caught. Shortly thereafter her owner was evicted and locked from the property, so was unable to feed Bella. Finally, Bella found her way to SAHH and she is feeling much more secure in her surroundings and around humans. Nevertheless, Bella still had alot of fear and would not allow much touch - but that is changing. Bella had potential and needed her own person. She had gone through a lot so when she bonded with her human it was tight and that human will now be her forever friend.


Abe is an approximately 5 month old Kune Kune pig. He was rescued from auction and had been battling severe pneumonia, but he is all better now. He was neutered and has now been adopted.

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